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Innovative, confident and not afraid to be different.

Incredible web design and development from Middlesbrough's finest.

We are DS22

We build innovative solutions for our customers and take pride in the fact we do business very differently from our competitors.

We think of your website as your business and as an extension of your brand. We're just as comfortable providing awesome, creative graphic design and effective branding as we are incredible websites.

Everything we do comes incredible as standard.

‘‘Our expectations were exceeded when we were presented with the final product. DS22 really listened to what we wanted and delivered in a remarkable time.’’Alex Hall We Do

Studio 22

Come and visit us in our studio for a cuppa and a chat, we're in the Multimedia Exchange, Middlesbrough - you’re always welcome

Team 22

We’re a small, agile team perfectly poised to deliver incredible websites

Steven Gunn
"Don't call me Steve" Designer

Steven spent many years in the fashion industry as a designer before turning his skills towards the web as a graphic designer.

Steven is a keen football fan and eats as many as 8 Weetabix for breakfast.

What Steven's humming to...


Dan Roddis
"I broke webmail again" Developer

Dan has worked with startups and SME's on projects ranging from bespoke e-Commerce solutions, intranets and web crawlers.

Dan loves Formula One and has a phobia of Mr Chips from Catchphrase.

What Dan's plugged into...

When we start your project we'll follow this process, it means you know what to expect and we can deliver an awesome result.

Free Coffee

We’ll chat about your website to get an idea of what you're after and how we can help.

Proposal & Pricing

We'll send you a tidy little document based on your requirements to give you an idea of the functionality and price.


We get the green light letting us know that you're going ahead with the project, we exchange contracts, and take a deposit where necessary.

Scoping Exercise

We’ll have another round of coffee (on us) and double check the requirements again, just to ensure 100% clarity. We'll also fine tune the proposal before we start development.

Design & development

We'll provide you design examples and wireframes to approve, as soon as you're happy with these we'll start building your site.

Review & Testing

We put your website through rigorous browser compatibility and accessibility testing and correct any issues we come up against.

Go Live

You’re ready to go live! We’ll hand over your website and hit the launch button.

Going live is just the start

This is when the project really starts, and we'll be with you every click of the way with ongoing support, maintenance and advice.

How will I update my website?

We provide access to Dash - our own custom CMS, that will let you fully manage all content on your website and more.

Will my site run fast and scale well?

Our platform provides lightning fast, scalable websites. When we anticipate large demand we are able to scale up quickly to support it.

What quality guidelines do you follow?

We develop websites to be usable, compatible and accessible. We closely follow W3C guidelines on code standards, best practice and accessibility.

Will it work in all browsers?

We develop websites to work in all popular modern browsers, we can also add support for older, less-supported software on request.

Do you work outside of Middlesbrough?

We have clients internationally although most of our work comes from Middlesborugh and the Tees Valley area.

Will I own the website?

You'll own all design and brand work, and receive a license to use any development work.

What size projects do you work on?

We prefer to work on projects between £5,000 - £20,000. We can't devote enough attention to anything smaller and anything bigger usually isn't very exciting to work on.

How long does the process take?

From our first meeting to going live can be as quick as 3-4 weeks depending on the size of the project and how prepared our client is. Most projects take around 6 weeks.

Where will my website be hosted?

For best results, we strongly recommend our internal hosting platform - although if you need to host elsewhere we can usually accommodate this.

What languages and technologies do you support?

PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, MSSQL, Ruby, Rails, Python, Django, XHTML, HTML5, CSS... phew to name a few

Do you have experience in my sector?

Our most extensive experience is working with online retail, fitness, jewellery, start-ups, intranets and the public sector amongst others.

What about ongoing development?

Where appropriate, we can provide you ongoing design, development and support.

Are there any hidden costs?

Our proposal will clearly outline all costs, we'll never change costs without your prior approval.

How do I get updates on my project?

We'll send you regular updates, give you access to a development version of your website and we're always available on the end of a phone.

Are you just an agency or a middleman?

We take great pride in the fact that we are not just an agency who hire freelancers, we deliver incredible websites 100% in-house.

Still have questions?

If we haven't already answered your question, it's probably better discussed over coffee. Give us a call on 01642 913199

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