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Jun 06, 2012

Rise of Web Design in Middlesbrough

When you're looking for a web designer in Middlesbrough, or the North East - you're in good hands -  there are plenty of great reliable companies meaning you get great choice, realistic prices and a constantly raising quality bar. 

We're fortunate to have some of the UK's largest and most well respected branding and eCommerce providers here in the North East of England who consistently innovate and unleash game changing products not only across the UK but also internationally.

We're honoured to be in the mix with companies of this calibre and relish the chance to excel in a region where the digital creative sector is so competitive.

In web design, nothing stands still for long so each and every day we're learning, adapting and improving and Middlesbrough is the perfect place to hone our skills thanks to:

  • Talented, well educated and creative individuals from Teesside University.
  • Exceptional networking events e.g. Middlesbrough Business Forum, Refresh Teesside.
  • Cheaper living costs compared to much of the UK.
  • No shortage of imagination, ideas and local entrepeneurs.

Even better news for Middlesbrough businesses wanting a website is that there is a brand new regional development subsidy available to small and medium enterprises in the North East where branding, design and development are potentially eligible for funding.

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