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Project Overview

Multiformity is a business with community interests at heart. They pride themselves on giving seldom heard groups in society a voice.

Multiformity strives to communicate with these hard to reach audiences and our mission is to ensure seldom heard groups gain equal access to services and products in today’s society.

Multiformity will help you and your business build an image, reputation and credible brand profile within diverse communities.
  • Content managed website
  • Newsletter system
  • Accessibility features
  • Webdesign and Development
  • Accessibility features & checklist
  • Content management system
  • On-page search engine optimisation

  • New point of contact for diversity training

  • Improved awareness of Multiformity brand

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It's been a pleasure working with Multiformity on their website, we were given a clear vision what they wanted to achieve which resulted in an excellent outcome.

Steven Gunn DS22

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